Nutritional Counseling for Patients With Renal Disease

Nutritional Therapy for Renal DiseaseSimone has had many years experience on a dialysis unit and seeing patients in all stages of renal disease.

Dietitians who have worked with renal disease have a lot of experience with how diet influences kidney and bone health.

Patients with kidney failure or kidney dysfunction may have special nutrient needs for specific minerals like sodium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Some may also have special fluid needs and requirements.

As a dietitian for renal patients, Simone will create well balanced individual meal plans specifically designed to meet the nutrient needs for renal disease. She will also provide appropriate amounts of protein, carbohydrate and fat to ensure healthy kidney function.

Tracking weight and checking blood work are also an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for renal patients. Simone will verify all blood work to confirm that all values are within normal range.

Menus and recipes will be provided to all patients who are in need of these specialized meal plans in order to make following the plan as easy as possible.


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