Nutritional Counseling For Pregnant Women

Nutritional Counseling for Pregnant Women
As a Dietitian who has worked with pregnant woman for many years, I have seen how nutrition counseling can positively affect the outcome of a pregnancy.

A few reasons pregnant woman could benefit from a nutrition consult include

  • adequate weight management,
  • ensure proper nutrient intake,
  • optimal glycemic control for diabetic mothers, and
  • reduce risk of complications from the above issues and or other medical conditions a pregnant woman may have.

Nutritional status and pre-pregnancy weight has a direct correlation with a baby’s birth weight. Studies have also shown a correlation between nutritional status, glucose control and weight management with a baby’s future weight and health risks.

There are also many food safety regulations that pregnant woman learn from dietitians regarding foods that may contain bacteria and other harmful contaminants that cause food borne illness. A woman that becomes ill from any one of these illnesses may cause harm not only to herself but also to her unborn child. Dietitians also help pregnant woman who suffer from morning sickness and hyperemesis, intractable nausea and vomiting that may lead to dehydration.

A Dietitian can also be helpful to a woman for pre conception nutritional counseling regarding weight management and ample intake of folic acid, iron, and calcium. Insufficient intake of any of these nutrients can cause birth defects. Woman who take good care of themselves before conception increase their chances for healthier babies.

I have advised many women over the years on healthy eating during pregnancy. We discuss nutrient dense foods and the appropriate serving amounts for each food group per day. All woman have their weight and lab work assessed to ensure good nutritional status.


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