The Truth About High Blood Pressure

Have you ever worried about a family member or friend being diagnosed with hypertension? Ever care to understand what that really means? There are in fact, many misconceptions about the significance behind hypertension and the very simple ways it may be treated. Due to a number of reasons, such as poor diet and/or physical inactivity, […]

Weekly Menu

Day 1: Breakfast- 1 hard boiled egg, 1 piece of whole wheat toast w/ tsp of natural peanut butter, 6 oz of skim milk Lunch- Slicked turkey on a wheat wrap with vegetables and sliced avocado Dinner- 6oz salmon with lemon pepper, side of asparagus and 4 oz of brown rice Day 2: Breakfast- 2 […]

Super Foods

Incorporating super foods into your diet is not only essential, but it is also delicious! Super foods are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Although every fruit and vegetable is nutritious, super foods prevent diseases, increase your wellbeing, and have a wide spectrum of health benefits. Summer is an extremely great time to explore the world […]

Woman’s Weight-loss Program

Join us every Monday morning from 10-11 AM at Encore Dance Studio for our Woman’s Weight-loss Program. Start your weight-loss journey with an interactive support group to keep you motivated. Learn about healthy eating, staying fit, and hopping aboard the ride of reaching and maintaining your desired weight. Your new healthy lifestyle begins now!   Please […]

8 Ways To Stay Healthy This Summer

food on beach

  Size does matter Do not get caught up with all the excitement of extravagant dinners on the beach or holiday barbeques, and keep in mind that portion size does matter! It’s okay to splurge every once in a while but remember, everything in moderation!   Juice it up! Take advantage of all the fruit that […]