About Nutrition on Call

Nutrition on Call® is an online nutrition practice started by Simone Gampel, a registered dietitian with more than a decade of experience.

Working with a variety of people, Simone realized that patients often resisted seeing a dietitian because of the cost and time commitment. Simone also observed that while some patients had tried using a nutritionist or following a generic diet plan, they found it challenging to continue the process after the initial novelty wore off. In response, Nutrition on Call® was born.

Nutrition on Call® is not a nameless call center or mass marketing engine. We are a modern day solution that allows patients to receive ongoing, one on one nutrition support from a registered dietitian in a fast, easy and more affordable manner.

Patients also have the opportunity to meet with Simone in person through Gampel Nutrition Center, LLC, a private practice located in central New Jersey.

In today’s health obsessed market, one need not go far to hear any number of claims concerning losing weight or managing diabetes.

The fact is, many programs fail because they do not offer customized solutions with sufficient ongoing support.

We differ in these areas because we are committed to work with doctor and patient until the specific nutritional goals are met. We take the time to understand what makes each patient unique and we will devise a plan to suit the patient’s specific needs and goals. But our service does not end there.

We are dedicated to our clientele and are always available when they need us whether by phone, email or online. Our unwavering commitment means that patients receive the support they need when they need it most. No one else can match this dedication.


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